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Confessions of an Ally Fashion Intern

By 12:30 PM

Hey there Ally girls,
Over the past 3 months as a marketing intern I have learnt the ins and outs of working at Ally Fashion Head Office. I've completed 100 hours of work, and I would do 100 more!

Here are some confessions of my time here...

Confession 1: Ally celebrates staff birthday's in style

Throughout my time here, I have been granted access to 2 birthday celebrations in the conference room featuring watermelon cake (it sounds gross but it's actually great) and 1 full on barbecue in the warehouse.

The watermelon cake of wonder

Confession 2: The office is deceptively large 

Since spending most of my time with the marketing/visual merchandise team, a few weeks ago I spent a day with the buying team. After being surrounded by only 4 cubicles I was surprised to turn a corner and find at least a dozen more... and I haven't even been with the graphics or financial team.

Confession 3: I have LOVED bringing life back to the blog

I have written over 12 blogs during my time here, including some of my personal favourites - '50 Shades of Slate' & 'Top 5 off-duty model inspiration'. The team here has really let the blog become my 'thing' and it's has definitely been a big perk of my internship.

Confession 4: The people here...

The staff at Ally HQ are a pretty amazing bunch of people. Interning can be a bit intimidating, but these guys and girls really made me feel at home. Shout out to my supervisor Angelique for always informing me of the wonders of marble, taming my pizza cravings and bringing out my inner creative perfectionist.

Confession 5: The clothes, the clothes, the clothes!

Seeing the new arrivals coming in every day is just too hard to resist.

Here are some of the Ally clothes that became part of my wardrobe over the past 3 months (can you tell I've been into the Slate trend?).

Until next time,

Ally Intern 

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